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About Us


Where is the value?

The world has evolved and you have many options…we know that. Since 1989, we have been working with companies from across Petrochemical, Refining, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Industrial Construction and more. There are two primary issues when looking to sell your industrial surplus, the first is how do you get the most value for your surplus and the second is how to weigh the risk of each of your disposition options.

While we have established programs for the sale or consignment of your surplus, we work with you to customize the approach that fits your needs the best. We understand the concerns you face and know that there are several options out there; however, we know that you want a partner that makes this easy for you as well as highly profitable. We have the expertise and the network to provide you both.

From investment recovery to boneyard cleanup to scrap management, our team at Steven Levy Enterprises is prepared to support you. Daily, we expand our markets through high touch programs as well as technology to ensure that our clients’ surplus is exposed to the highest potential markets.

Let’s discuss the right options for you. Give us a call at 713.910.4337 or