Investment Recovery Programs

Investment Recovery


As a full service investment recovery organization,
we assist companies in recouping the value of their no longer needed assets.

We help companies like yours turn their initial investments back into bottom line profits through:

  • Online auctions
  • Sealed bid auctions
  • Retail sales
  • Targeted marketing efforts
  • Our online store

With over 25 years of experience in excess and obsolete equipment and materials, we buy and/or broker all industrial equipment and supplies. We work with all types of industrial equipment and supplies including, but not limited to: electrical, pumps, valves, diesel engines, instrumentation, machinery and entire plant facilities.

Let us show the value of your no longer needed assets.

  • Pre-demolition consulting
  • Conducting on-site reviews of surplus assets
  • We buy industrial salvage, equipment, machinery and facilities.
  • Maintenance, repair and operating supplies both unused and used.
  • Excess raw and scrap materials
  • Construction project surplus
  • Boneyard / Laydown Yard cleanup

Let Steven Levy Enterprises, Inc. create a customized Investment Recovery Program for your company.

Let’s discuss the right options for you. Give us a call at 713.910.4337 or