Gardner Denver Oil Cooler Hydrapak MH3

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Gardner Denver Oil Cooler Hydrapak MH3


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Gardner Denver Oil Cooler Hydrapak MH3

Gardner Denver Oil Cooler Hydrapak MH3


Manufacturer: Gardner Denver
Description: Hydrapak Oil Cooler, MH Series
Model#: MH3
GPM: 40
PSI: 3500
Filter Max Press: 175 PSI / 12.1 Bar
Max Diff. Press: 25 PSID


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• Heavy-duty stainless steel mainframe for durability and long life.
• 2, 4 or 4.4 gallon oil reservoir with integral diffuser, which eliminates foaming and vortexing for increased hydraulic component life.
• High efficiency, heavy-duty oil cooler, designed to withstand vibration/road shock/torsional and thermal stress for maximum reliability.
• Factory set hydraulic motor driven fan for optimum performance and maximum cooling efficiency.
• Anodized aluminum manifold block, designed to protect the system from over-pressurization, while providing return line filtration – The multi-ported design reduces hoses, fittings and external connections.
• Oil cooler bypass valve, protecting the oil cooler against over pressurization and regulating hydraulic oil temperatures for reliable operation.


What is a Hydrapak?
The Hydrapak is a pre-engineered, compact, lightweight, highly efficient hydraulic oil conditioning system. The Hydrapak® incorporates all the necessary components of a properly designed hydraulic system into one pre-assembled unit.

The MH Series Hydrapak® includes:
• A small oil reservoir for maximum space and weight savings.
• Highly efficient oil cooler for longer component life.
• Return line filter, hydraulically driven fan, and system relief valve.
The Hydrapak® establishes the standard for mobile hydraulic cooling systems.