Micro Motion F050 Coriolis Flow Meter

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Micro Motion F050 Coriolis Flow Meter


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Micro Motion F050 Coriolis Flow Meter

Micro Motion F050 Coriolis Flow Meter


Manufacturer: Micro Motion
Description: F-Series Mass Flow Meter
Model#: F050S113CRAAEZZZZ
Serial#: 14237749
Size: 1/2″ 150# F316/316L Flanges
Flow Cal: 61.5664.50
Dens Cal: 04340049004.25
D1: 0
D2: 1
DT: 4.25
K1: 4340.48
K2: 4899.519
FD: 0
Fluid Temp: -100 to 204°C
Tube: 1450 PSIG
Conn: 275 PSIG
Case: None


Micro Motion F-Series Flow and Density Meters

High accuracy real world performance
  • Best-in-class performance on liquid mass flow, volume flow and density measurements in a compact design.
  • Robust sensor design minimizes down time and process interruption costs.
  • Rugged design minimizing process, mounting and enviornmental effects.
Best fit-for-application
  • Cleanable, self-draining design for critical process control service.
  • Compact design enables installation flexibility and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Broad range of I/O offerings including HART, Profibus-DP, Foundation fieldbus, 4-20mA and wireless capabilities.
Exceptional reliability and safety
  • Smart Meter Verification delivers complete, online verification of device health and performance, continuously or on-demand at the press of a button.
  • Global ISO/IEC 17025 calibration facilities deliver measurement confidence.


Micro Motion F-Series flow meters deliver superb measurement with exceptional flow and density performance as well as outstanding reliability for use in critical process control enviornments.


Optimal flow and density fit for critical process applications
  • High performance rugged measurement in a compact, drainable design that maximizes process up time.
  • Low frequency, high sensitivity fit-and-forget meter provides robust measurements even under demanding process conditions.
  • Multiple line sizes provide and ideal platform for batching, distribution, allocation and intra-plant measurement applications.
Industry-leading capabilities that unleash your process potential
  • The most comprehensive communication protocol offering in the industry.
  • True multi-variable technology measures necessary flow and density process variables simultaneously.
Widest range of installation and process condition flexibility
  • Featuring a low pressure drop, low weight design that reduces installation and commissioning costs.
  • Unmatched MVD transmitter technology with digital signal processing (DSP) delivers the fastest response rages enabling accurate batch and process measurement.
  • Design flexibility enables operation at high temperature (350°C) or high pressure (345 barg) conditions to solve your toughest measurement challenges.