Siemens Sinamics G150-C Variable Speed Drive

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Siemens Sinamics G150-C

Variable Speed Drive

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Siemens Sinamics G150-C Variable Speed Drive


Manufacturer: Siemens
Description: Variable Speed A/C Drive
Model: G150-C
MLFB#: 6SL3710-1GE33-1CA0
Serial#: 09-07-9100084750-01
Order#: 6SL3710-1GE33-1CA0-Z + U01
Options: +M90, +K50
Input: 380 – 480 Volts, 348 Amps, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Output: 0 – Input Volts, 310 Amps, 250 HP, 0 – 100 Hz
Short Circuit Current: 10 kA rms Symmetrical, 480 V Maximum
Operat. Temp. Range: +0 to +40°C
Cooling Method Air Flow
Degree of Protection: NEMA1
Max Weight: 1060 lbs.
Schematic No.: A15-06PN-0210-S701
Pulses Frequency: 2kHz
Duty Class:  1
Unit Dimensions: 78-1/2″ Tall x 24″ Wide Sides x 16″ Wide Front Face & Back


Some of the Internal Components include:

Siemens Sinamics Operator Panel: #AOP30, Prod State: A1, Power Supply: DC 24V/200mA
Siemens Powerblock #6SL3351-1AE33-1AA2, Issue A, Input: 3 AC  380V…480 V  47/63 Hz, Output: 310A
Siemens Modules: TM31 Sinamics Terminal Module & SMC30 Sensor Module


 Siemens Sinamics Manual.PDF