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Valves are made of steel and stainless steel. Steel valves can be separated into two categories based on how the valve is made. Forged steel valves and or cast steel valves. Forged steel is formed from heated slugs, which are forged into the valve shape by huge forging hammers and presses. Cast steel is melted in a furnace and then poured into molds in a foundry.Forged steel valves are used when higher pressures and temperatures are involved and the line size is generally under 2-1/2”. Other factors could also favor the selection of forged steel, such as system requirements for socket-weld piping and compatibility of media.

  • Rockwell Edwards Forged Steel Valves
  • Vogt Forged Steel Valves
  • Smith Forged Steel Valves
  • Bonney Forged Steel Valves
  • Velan Forged Steel Valves

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