Programmable Controls (PLC)

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Programmable Controls (PLC) are computer-based solid-state devices that control industrial equipment and processes. PLCs provide boolean logic operations, timers, and (in some models) continuous control. The proportional, integral, and/or differential gains of the PLC continuous control feature may be tuned to provide the desired tolerance as well as the rate of self-correction during process upsets. PLCs are used extensively in process-based industries. While PLCs can control system components used throughout SCADA and DCS systems, they are often the primary components in smaller control system configurations. They are used to provide regulatory control of discrete processes such as automobile assembly lines and power plant soot blower controls and are used extensively in almost all industrial processes.A PLC system incorporates modules or points which are connected to switches and sensors. Information from these inputs is used by the PLCs central processing unit (CPU) to determine the status of output devices which are connected to the PLC via output modules or points.Devices controlled by PLCs can include motor starters, contactors, solenoids, AC drives, etc. In addition, many PLCs are also equipped to accept signals from analog sensors and can generate analog outputs.

  • Modicon
  • GE Fanuc
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  • Allen Bradley

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